Our Property

Fairway Bay is located on the island of Longboat Key, which is just west of Sarasota, and located on the Gulf of Mexico. Fairway Bay (referred to as Fairway Bay 1) is at the south end of Fairway Bay and consists of two mid-rise buildings and fourteen townhouse buildings. Fairway Bay II is just north of Fairway Bay and consists of two mid-rise buildings and six townhouse buildings. Fairway Bay III is just north of Fairway Bay II and consists of two mid-rise buildings. The photos below show the six mid-rise buildings.
Map of Fairway Bay - from the property documents: shows the South Gate, the Club House at 2018 Harbourside Dr., the FWB, FWB II and FWB III areas, as well as building numbers.
Google Maps - the address of the Club House, which is fairly central in the complex is 2018 Harbourside Drive, Longboat Key, Florida 34228. Note: Google Maps is not very accurate in showing the location.
There are several facilities that are shared by all three Fairway Bay associations. These facilities are:
2 Tennis Courts
We have two regulation tennis courts that are available to all Fairway Bay owners. They are located between Fairway Bay II and III. Please see the Tennis Court Rules before using the courts. 
 Community Pool
The pool is located outside the clubhouse. Please read the Pool Rules document, which applies to all pools.
Fairway Bay Clubhouse
The clubhouse, located at 2018 Harbourside Drive, is near the association office.  It's used for condominium business meetings and activities. It may also be rented by owners for private gatherings. The use of the Clubhouse is described in the Clubhouse Use document.
Fitness Center
Fairway Bay provides a very-well equipped fitness center. It's located between the Fairway Bay office and clubhouse at 2018 Harbourside Drive. Please review the Fitness Center Room Rules before using the area.
In addition, Fairway Bay is part of the Bay Isles community. As such, we also have access to the Bay Isles Beach Club with its beautiful white sand beaches located at 2111 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Your gate pass will allow you access. You may also get a key for the walking gate from Advanced Management Inc. (941-383-3200). The Marina, located on Harbourside Drive, has installed a kayak launch area for Bay Isles owners. Please register with the marina office before using the launch area. Bay Isles owners may obtain the following from the security office, which is located at the South Gate: gate passes that attach to your rearview mirror or front grille, visitor passes, gate entrance cards, and stickers for residents. This office also controls who may enter the property on your behalf.