Public Documents

Public Documents
The following documents are available to our owners, prospective buyers, and realtors.  All condominiums in Florida must conform the the Florida State Condominium Law (Title XL, Chapter 718). A link to that law is: If not specified to the contrary in the Condo Law, the Declaration of Condominiums is the primary document that defines the rules of the condominium. The next document in order of precedence is the Articles of Incorporation, followed by the Bylaws, and then the Rules & Regulations.
A Condominium Governance Form from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is recommended for all new condo owners, although the documents above take precedence.
Bay Isles Association
The Bay Isles Association is composed of all of the associations located within the Bay Isles area (behind the south gate off Gulf of Mexico Drive and the north gate located past Publix on Bay Isles Parkway). Advanced Management, Inc. is the manager of the Bay Isles Association, and the Bay Isles Board of Directors is chosen from representatives from the associations that belong to it. Bay Isles' responsibilities include the guards at the south and north gates, Harbourside Drive interior entry gates, lighting, pavement, landscaping, etc., and the Bay Isles beach club, which is located at 2111 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Fairway Bay owners are automatically members of Bay Isles Association and are billed separately for the annual assessment at the beginning of each year. Contact Advanced Management, Inc. at 941-383-3200 to reserve the club area at the beach for parties.
Additional documents are available once you login and register as a resident of Bay Isles.
Bay Isles Articles (1976-04-16)
Bay Isles Bylaws (1976-04-16)
Bay Isles Website -
Community Council
For documents pertaining to the Community Council, please see:
Joint Resolution (2001-01-02)
Fairway Bay Associations
For documents pertaining to each association, please see:
Federation of LBK Condominiums
The Federation of Longboat Key Condominiums is an organization composed of the condominiums on Longboat Key. Meetings are usually held on the third Saturday of the month at 9:30 am from October through April. Each meeting is hosted by a different condominium association and the topics cover items of interest to condominium boards and owners. Each condominium association usually has one or two representatives available for each meeting, but all owners are welcome to attend.
The website for the Federation contains agenda notices and minutes from previous meetings. You can find the website at