Hurricane Links

Although Sarasota only gets a direct hurricane hit about once every 20 years, we should all be prepared for a warning or watch. This page provides useful links for you. Documents and procedures relating to hurricane preparation specific to each Association can be found in the member documents at the bottom of the left navigation.
It's important that owners are prepared well before hurricane season: June 1 to November 30.  Please click on Hurricane Preparedness for reference. 
The most useful link is the Town of Longboat Key website, which has the most current information about local hurricanes, local preparation, and a Red Alert system which we recommend that residents sign up for.
Select "Public Safety/Hurricane" on the left to see good links, including the current and latest status of any hurricanes - There is a list of phone numbers to print out in case you can't get to the Internet. And there's a link to the national hurricane center at
On the right side of the Town's home page is an area called 'Code Red'. This is an excellent service provided by the town to allow you to register your phone number. When anything critical is happening on Longboat Key, the town will send you a recorded message. So if there is a hurricane watch, a road outage, water warnings, etc., you will be called.
Wunderground - weather status.
Cartoon from Tom Walker: